Herdwicks of the Lake District Coasters - No Place like Home

Inspired by Lakeland

Herdwicks of the Lake District Coasters - No Place like Home

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Our tribute to the Lake District's iconic sheep 

At Inspired by Lakeland we love the Herdwick! So much so that we commissioned Kendal-based artist Evelyn Sinclair to create a series of gently humourous illustrations of our favourite fell-wanderer.

After a long night over a bottle of wine we jotted down our favourite sheep puns then Evelyn set to work to bring them to life. Cue 'Rush Hour', 'Baa Code', 'Lamb Chop', and many more... 

​8 different designs available:

  • Lamb Chop
  • Baaa Code
  • Rush Hour
  • Wooly Jumper
  • Shorn the Sheep
  • Sheep Dreams
  • No Place Like Home ('Heft sweet heft')
  • Herdvyck

Designed in Cumbria and made in Britain, these bespoke, highest quality coasters are hand finished and made using sustainable Eucalyptus wood board, sustainable cork base and a melamine surface to withstand temperatures up to 145 degrees.  

Another set of 'Cool' colour coasters are available, featuring Shorn the Sheep, Sheep Dreams, No Place Like Home (Heft sweet Heft) and  Herdvyck.

They are the perfect table centrepiece or gift for anyone who loves the famous Herdwick sheep